AHLang Collectives offers an array of services to help you solve the different problems or projects that comes with the many hats you may wear on a day-to-day bases. Amanda Hickmon-Lang believes in ministering to whole person this includes your family and community and what other way to do this than with an organization that knows your full story and have loved you through each chapter. This is why she has merged all her services and products to ensure peace and tranquility; knowing she is passionate and experienced in several areas makes her and her elite team the perfect experts to serve you.

Amanda Hickmon-Lang

– My Story

All my life I’ve attended church but never lived like the church God is coming back for until one day after becoming a new teen mother I was told the life I was living was not pleasing to God. After meditating on the information for a few days I packed my daughter up and left everything behind the sex, abuse, drugs, and alcohol. I got saved, joined and GREAT bible-based church. During my first few years of my true Christian Journey. I read the bible, prayed, and most importantly I had a small group of “Christians friends” that pushed me to be better. The problem was some had a self-righteous, controlling, and judgmental spirit that made it hard for the rest of the group. Being unlearned and Scared to speak up or out about my troubles/struggles or even step out on what I knew God wanted me to do. I wanted to throw in the towel and stop going to church and believing in Christ, and just go back to my old life. But God would not let me; instead, He gave me wisdom & understanding of how to obtain His promises.
Can you believe He took this sexually and emotional damaged, country teen mom, with a borderline education and turned her into CEO of multiple businesses in which one generates well over six figures?
But the best part is I shared these practical methods with those in my life who struggled with finances, sexual immorality, abusive relationships, addictions, anxiety, and depression; and I was able to witness firsthand the growth as they applied these biblical truths to their lives.
Now it’s your turn for your divine connection!
I have dedicated my life to serving others. I teach relevant biblical concepts that can allow others to live a spiritual, emotional, and financial life of wellness.